August Chapter Meeting

EAA863’s August chapter meeting focused on safety and alertness. Member Gary Soloway organized a panel of pilots, also Chapter Members, to share their experiences when dealing with less than ideal circumstances.

Russ Stiles discussed “Bingo” fuel, or the point you need to use reserve fuel while flying a CH-53 helicopter. Russ was able to eventually link up with a C130 refueler that he had called for earlier despite not knowing where the refueler was since he was below the cloud layer.

EAA863 member Russ Stiles

Mike McGrew shared how he “analyzed the situation, made a plan, and excited that plan” when he lost an engine while descending from 6k through 3k feet over Memphis, TN. Mike was able to land safely on a road.

EAA863 member Mike McGrew

Finally, Michael Kennedy shared how handled a loss of an engine, and visibility when the oil from the engine coated his cockpit windows while flying at an air show. Michael did land safely despite not being able to see and loss of his engine.

EAA863 Michael Kennedy

Well done guys! Many takeaways from this meeting.

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