A night of safety and music with Dan Gryder

EAA863‘s March chapter meeting was a fun night filled with safety talks by Dan Gryder and music. Turns out, not only is Dan a focused safety aficionado, he is also quite the musician.

Dan Gryder, retired Delta Captain and GA safety promoter made time to stop by EAA863 for our March Chapter meeting. Dan focused his presentation on safety and AQP, that is Advanced Qualification Program for GA pilots. Dan’s message is straightforward and simple, we have to reduce the fatality rate in GA and make GA safer for all. Dan says that our current aviation accident investigators focus too much time on the “what caused” that specific accident, and not enough time on the “what could have prevented” that accident.

The AQP allows for the execution of maneuvers in recurring training that is not part of your initial ratings tests.

Dan Gryder


Dan is busy; he routinely travels to aviation events in his DC-3 and loves the grassroots efforts of local clubs and chapters such as EAA863. Dan runs his website, dangryder.com, which has great research on general aviation fatalities and statistics and offers instruction for advanced ratings such as a 10-day instrument rating at your home airport.

Thank you Dan!

EAA863 would like to thank Dan for coming by and sharing his wisdom. Indeed, we all want to make aviation safer and better for all. In case you missed the meeting, be sure to check out the live stream, now recorded on Dan’s YouTube channel.

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