EAA863 hosts Ford Tri Motor

During the weekend of May 22nd, EAA863 hosted the Ford Tri Motor fly-in. The event started on Thursday May 20th and ran through Sunday May 23rd. The fly-in was a great success and everyone had a great time!

Indeed, the Ford Tri Motor did not spend much time on the ground. The Tri Motor averaged 6 flights each day with the flight breakdown being: 3 on Thursday, 3 on Friday, 9 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Over 240 paying passengers were flown and nearly all of the chapter volunteers got to fly as well. Everyone that exited the airplane commented on how well the airplane flew and how marvelous it must have been in the 20’s to see that airplane flying overhead.

President Gary Piper expressed his gratitude for the workers who contributed to this event. “I cannot think our chapter volunteers enough for their commitment to this event. Setup was a snap, even though we were fighting 18-24mph winds as we put up our big tent.” Overall, EAA863 averaged 20+ volunteers each day and a large representation of the youth members were present smiles on. The excitement from our youth was noticed all weekend long as they were eager and excited to help out as well.

Finally, EAA863 would finally like to thank the National EAA to allow the Ford Tri Motor to fly in, chapter Tri Motor coordinators Doug Eishelman and Mike Russell (AKA BigFoot), Direct Flight Solutions at M54, our chapter members, the public and everyone else who contributed to make this event a success! Thank you!

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