July 2021 Chapter Meeting

EAA863’s very own Ron Dillard explained the importance of spin training and acrobatics to pilots.

July’s chapter meeting was an action packed event with EAA863 chapter member, Ron Dillard, sharing his experiences teaching others about acrobatics, stall awareness, and spin training. Ron shared that every pilot should be acutely aware of their airspeed and what to do should their aircraft enter into a spin.

Ron does this through the use of his beautiful and sleek Citabria, which he owns. Ron provides instruction and rides to both pilots and those that just want the thrill of acrobatics. Ron is the owner of Advanced Tail Wheel Training and has quite an extensive flight resume with over 18,000 hours and is an ATP rated pilot.

EAA863 members were excited to learn about stalls, spins and acrobatics. EAA863 would like to thank Ron for being a member and for his contributions to safety in the general aviation community.

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