June 10 2021 Chapter Meeting

Those coming around the Lebanon Airport (M54) may have noticed the construction going on nearby. That was the focus of Lebanon Airport Commission Chairman Ralph Mallicoat’s presentation to chapter EAA863 during the June 2021 Chapter meeting.

Ralph shared that new hangars, cranes, implements and construction materials are always a fun sight. Indeed, progress is being made. Highlights included overall airport growth and improvement such as the west side taxiway, completion of the taxiway near the D row hangars, and widening of the east side taxiway. EAA863 members and guests were happy to hear about this and that the grass runway at M54 is still very important. Ralph encouraged those in attendance to use the grass runway more. Finally, Ralph shared that M54 is also important to our state and federal governments as some grants have been awarded.

EAA863 would like to thank Ralph for his service to the airport community through the Airport Commission. Indeed, the progress thus far and the projects yet to be completed highlight just how important general aviation is our communities.

Happy Flying!

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