Cook Out and Flyover

Our special chapter members only cookout on Saturday May 30th was a success! We had beautiful weather, lots of planes, friends, hamburgers and hotdogs. What more could you ask for?! We even had a special fly over of Wilson County Schools to honor graduating 2020 seniors.

Grilling and Fellowship

Several EAA863 members parked their airplanes on the ramp and came into the Sattler Hanger for good conversation and fellowship while we waited for the delicious food to finish grilling. It has been said that pilots love to talk about their airplanes as much as they love to fly them. EAA863’s members are no exception. EAA863 even had a live-stream of the NASA SpaceX launch. Airplane lovers are natural space and rocket lovers too. It would be fair to say that we love anything that flies. It does not matter if it has wings, rotors, or rockets; as long as it flies, we enjoy it. Five minutes before launch of SpaceX, member Brian Thompson threatened to pull the power cord on the back of the TV. We can safely say, the majority ruled, and Brian left the TV plugged in. Thank you, Brian.

Flyover honoring graduates

This flyover was organized by EAA863 members Parker Loughney and Toby McCrary. Parker is an aviation enthusiast and likely future pilot who wanted to pay tribute to the 2020 graduating class. Parker said he got inspired after watching the military flyovers honor the hero healthcare, military and other first responders. Parker contacted Toby and they began planning the flyover with four planes in total. Their scheduled timing of the flight plan was impeccable and surely beneficial to those on the ground at the respective schools. Parker and Toby were featured by Wilson County Schools. Thank you, Parker and Toby! Indeed, there is no better way to commentate these 2020 graduates than with an airplane flyover!

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Hamburger and Hotdog cookout instead of breakfast


This Saturday 5/30/20, instead of our 5th Saturday breakfast, we are grilling hamburgers and hot dogs at noon!

Sides and desserts are welcome!

Masks available if you need one. We are making the needed accommodations for social distancing and safe food preparation.

No charge for this event, just come and enjoy time together!

Blue Angels Nashville Flyover Photos

Below are some spectacular pictures from Blue Angels Nashville Flyover. Beautiful blue skies, US Navy fast, high performance fighter jets, and first responder heroes; what could be better? Thanks to Wayne Cowan Photography for these great pictures!

The Blue Angels flew over Nashville on May 14th as part of Operation America Strong. Be sure to check out our post covering the Blue Angels flight path and more!

Blue Angels Nashville Fly Over May 14th

The Angels flew over Nashville on Thursday 5/14/20. This truly was an amazing sight. Check out photos from this event.

The Blue Angels are coming!

The Blue Angels are coming!

Image courtesy of Blue Angels

As part of Operation America Strong, the Blue Angels will be flying over Nashville on Thursday May 14th. They will start around 12noon at Silver Hill, just North of Walter Hill and the Murfreesboro area. They will head south over US Highway 231 and turn to the Northwest heading towards Smyrna. After Smyrna, they will go to Nolensville and Franklin. Finally, they will turn to the North making their way into the downtown Nashville skyline.

The entire flyover is approximately 17 minutes from the initial start at Silver Hill to their departure from the Nashville area.

If you would like to catch the Blue Angels at an airshow, be sure to check out the Blue Angels’ website for the latest on upcoming show dates and to learn more about the team.

Finally, be sure to check EAA863’s website for the latest on fly-ins and breakfasts!

Image courtesy of the Blue Angels

March 2020 Chapter Meeting

Another great EAA863 meeting! Charles Runion shared a lesson in history on WWII and collections from his very own WWII museum.

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