Successful Learn to Fly Day

Saturday May 21st was a great day at M54 Lebanon Municipal; new prospective pilots were given their first intro flight! EAA863 hosted prospective pilots and talked to them about what it takes to become a pilot. Read more about the excitement!

The morning started out with a light breakfast of donuts and coffee. Coffee is a pilot necessity! The group had a great time from EAA863 instructors and pilots. Gary Farmer, Toby McCrary, Gary Soloway, Trish Soloway, and Brian Thompson worked to introduce aviation to new prospective pilots. After breakfast, the group learned the ins and outs of aviation, what it takes to become a pilot, including the first steps, and the joys of aviation once obtaining their pilots license.

Cleared for take off!

After class, intro flights were given to 3 individuals: Lawrence West flew with Toby McCrary, Eli Carson flew with Gary Farmer, and Devereaux Cannon flew with Trish Soloway.

Thank you!

EAA863 would like to thank everyone who played a part in this and for our prospective pilots for coming out to take that first step towards their aviation goal. EAA863 wishes them success in their aviation journey.

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Until next time, blue skies and tail winds!

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